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Business Intelligence

With AGC's Business Intelligence Solutions, you can convert your customer data into intelligent and meaningful business information. This provides you with a competitive and business advantage, at the same time increasing your operational efficiencies.
Our key differentiators
Better Planning & Faster implementation.
Detailed database of different industries and categories.
It ascertains the present position of the company.

Technology Consulting

IT is essential for three reasons:
1. The technology change is on going mechenism. New technology, like cloud, has radically improved IT price and performance, enabling you to quickly scale small experiments to tens or hundreds of millions of customers.
2. It is changing the nature of innovation. Adopting Exponential IT enables you to rapidly create new business models, products, and services.
3. Innovation is key to creating value.


  • Our project management capabilities cover both the setting up and commissioning of plants and facilities and managing on going operations and services. We deliver projects on time with the help of advance planning and the use highly skilled teams . Execute projects under different Government programmes. We have built large network of partners, affiliates and technology assiciates and together we are in a position to plan and execute large prjects as well . Built the capacity for managing I T projects encompassing both hardware set up and software development. We also specialise in managing IT facilities and looking after databases and database applications .

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