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This portal is to deliver all the solutions of problems realted to lead handling ,daily reporting , lead assign and communications between your callers and costumers

PAGE-1 >> LOGIN  (Admin/Team leader/Caller controlls)

PAGE-2 >> Dashboard  ( different for all : Admin/Team leader/Caller controlls)

The Dashboard have all possible notification regarding (New leads/Pending followups/todays follow ups). Numbers of leads in each status.Quick Report of callers and their leads  .

PAGE-3 >> User List AND ADD User  ( Admin Control)

The admin can add/edit users and their roles for use of this portal.

Filter and search also available

PAGE-4 >> Add Leads ( All  Control)

One can use leads using this .Adding of leads depends on the condition of unique mobile no.

PAGE-5 >> Leads List ( All  Control)

Lead list is tabular presentation of leads .For admin All leads are visible, For team Leaders Their And Their Team members leads visible and for caller only leads visible which are assigned to them.

OPERATION PERFORMED : Follow up date, site visit date, what’s app message, History communication, sent sms, filter on all possible fields. Assign leads feature on admin and TL Panel for assigning leads.

PAGE-6 >> Upload Leads ( Admin /TL Control)

You can upload leads in a given template format then set the source and caller and upload it.

While uploading all the duplicates leads in the .csv file and the database got deleted and do not upload.

PAGE-7>> Add Edit Poperty( Admin /TL Control

List Of property to help caller to make customer easy to explain .These property detail can also be sent to customer by sms and whatsapp.

PAGE-8>> Report ( Admin /TL Control)

Report is in 4 forms

  • Total Counts
  • Table View
  • Download Csv View
  • Piechart view.

PAGE-9>> Automated Section

Leads landing (done by auto if third party apis purchased.)

Leads Revert (Leads back to admin if no work done)

**NOTE: All the customization can be done on basis of requirement